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5 tips for a graceful resignation


5 tips for a graceful resignation

The end of the year is a busy time in recruitment, with plenty of employers looking to fill their team in time for the New Year. So, what if you’re one of those people who have snapped up an awesome opportunity?

While it’s exciting to think about the new role and all the promise it brings, you’re likely also carrying the thought of resigning around with you wherever you go. Let’s talk about the best way to resign so you can move on from feeling somewhat apprehensive to, just plain chuffed about your future in this great new role!

1. Go straight to your Manager – well, sort of. I’ll just clarify this point by saying, I don’t think you should walk straight up to them and announce that you’re leaving. What I am trying to say, however, is that you should avoid telling all your colleagues your news before you’ve explained it to your Manager. I’m sure you’d agree that it wouldn’t be great for them to hear about your departure from someone else.
2. Be prepared to leave – rather than packing up your desk right away, once you’ve made the decision to leave, start wrapping things up. If you have files that you need, start saving them right away. The fact is, particularly if you’re moving to another company in the industry, once you’ve told the business you’re leaving, they may not require you anymore.
3. Have a face-to-face conversation – obviously if you’re working remotely this is a little unlikely but, at the very least, schedule a phone conversation to ensure you’ve both got time to discuss this properly. It’s not a great idea to use this time to go through all your grievances, keep it fairly superficial by explaining you’ve got a new opportunity, thank them for their support and be clear with your intended departure date. Some companies may require you to put this information in writing so it wouldn’t hurt to have a formal letter ready to hand over at this time too.
4. Give them some notice – most places require 4 weeks however, if you’re in a senior position, you may need to allow longer. Be prepared to negotiate this with your employer and, while you’re excited about your fresh start, be respectful of the time it will take for them to replace you. Only you know exactly what goes on in your day-to-day so it should also be you who prepares your handover. List all your tasks and ensure that someone is aware of how to complete them.
5. Expect an exit interview – how honest you want to be in this is entirely up to you but don’t be surprised that HR want to ask a few questions before you go. No matter what your experience has been like, always keep this constructive and if you do want to speak to some issues, do give concrete examples.

While today you may be onto your Next Big Thing, who knows what the future has in store? And, no matter which industry you’re in, I can guarantee it’s a relatively small one. Someone who may be a colleague today is likely to be a client, or even your hiring manager tomorrow. For this reason, keep your exit professional and respectful with these 5 tips.

Shannon Wood, Managing Director S8 Expert Recruitment Solutions. I have over 14 years recruitment experience specialising in the animal health industry across the ANZ region. Areas of expertise include sales and marketing, technical roles (Quality Assurance, Quality Control & Regulatory Affairs) and operational & financial positions. I work extensively in the veterinary, ruminant, monogastric, aquaculture and the pet specialty industries and I look forward to the next 14 years.


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