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Creating a killer video cover letter


Creating a killer video cover letter

Last month I talked about the benefits of including a cover letter with your job application. For some people, cover letters are becoming outdated and an unnecessary part of an already time-consuming process. While I still maintain their importance, for those of you wanting to modernise your cover letter, why not make it a video one?

When you’re one of a pile of incredibly talented applicants, the best way to stand out is to do something different. So, instead of competing with your keyboard, you might like to try whipping out your preferred device and getting creative with the camera. Keep reading for some pointers on creating a killer video cover letter:

Plan and practice –

This may seem pretty obvious but I can’t overstate the importance of planning out the goal of your video. Consider things like lighting, possible background noise and of course, what you’re going to say. It’s important to toe the line between being too polished and too casual. I wouldn’t advise reading from a script but neither would I suggest ad-libbing your video.

Keep it short and simple –

Knowing you’re trying to stand out from the crowd, you have to make that good impression and you have to make it fast! Keep your video down to no more than 1 minute by sticking to only the important stuff. Give your future employer your elevator pitch, cover off your achievements, skills and experience and be sure to give them a good sense of who you are.

Be original –

Obviously we’re not talking about creating the latest blockbuster here but if you’re going to go to the trouble of spicing things up with a video, try to make it catchy. Check out some good examples on line if you’re lacking inspiration but it could be as simple yet effective as including a memorable and relevant quote.

Stay professional –

Don’t get carried away by creativity here and remember your purpose for making this video. Essentially you’re selling yourself and not your camera skills. Dress in appropriate office attire and ensure your language reflects the position you’re applying for. I’d say the best rule of thumb would be to behave as you would in the interview you’re hoping to get.

Go out with a bang –

Leave them with something they’ll remember. You could use your best closing technique, with you as the product or perhaps there’s an image or anecdote you’d like to finish with. Whatever it is, make sure you leave a lasting (but still professional) impression.

And, just like that, you’ve got yourself a stand-out-from-the-crowd video cover letter! If you’re looking to put together more than one job application, allow a little more time to personalise your video to each position. With some clever editing and not too much effort, you should have yourself some modern and original cover letters which will give your job application that extra kick.


Shannon Wood, Managing Director S8 Expert Recruitment Solutions. I have over 14 years recruitment experience specialising in the animal health industry across the ANZ region. Areas of expertise include sales and marketing, technical roles (Quality Assurance, Quality Control & Regulatory Affairs) and operational & financial positions. I work extensively in the veterinary, ruminant, monogastric, aquaculture and the pet specialty industries and I look forward to the next 14 years.


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