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Nailing your Interview – Part 2: 10 questions to ask in your interview


Nailing your Interview – Part 2: 10 questions to ask in your interview

You may remember that last month I took you through a guide on the ultimate preparation for your big interview. We spoke about your presentation, how to research and about selling yourself with your portfolio and elevator pitch. All of which leads us here to Part 2, the top 10 questions to ask in your interview.

I’m sure each and every one of you has been in an interview where the interviewer has turned the tables, asking if you have any questions. Even though you knew this was going to happen and you may have even prepared a question or two for this exact situation, you froze. Your brain stopped, your face twisted into an expression best described as deer in headlights and you may have muttered something about the future direction of the company. If you were lucky.

Asking for questions is fairly innocuous and a good opportunity for the candidate to clarify any concerns they may have. That being said, we all know that the type of questions you ask make up part of your assessment. So, with that in mind, let’s go through some questions for you to ask which will help sell you in the best possible way.

  1. Why is this position open?
  2. What key skills and experience are you looking for in the role?
  3. What would you like done differently by the person who fills this position?
  4. What are some objectives you’d like to see performed by this job?
  5. What are some of the more difficult challenges faced by someone in this role?
  6. What level of support is received? ie. financial, management, training.
  7. What advancement opportunities are available and, what is the expected timeframe?
  8. What significant changes do you foresee for the future of the company?
  9. What constitutes success for this role and for the company?
  10. What made you join the company and what led you to stay?

The information you’re trying to gain with each of these questions is pretty straight-forward. However, the message you’re conveying is powerful, regardless of which combination of these you choose to use. Obviously, you’re showing your interviewer that you care by taking the time to prepare but you’re also making it clear that you’re committed and you’re thinking long-term with their tone.

It’s unlikely you’ll have time to ask all 10 questions so, choose the ones which best suit you. Make sure you really listen to their answers and, most importantly, that their responses suit your career goals.

With these in your pocket and last month’s preparation tips, you’re nearly ready for your interview. Stay tuned next month for the final article in this series where we’ll go through how you can give your best performance in the interview.

Shannon Wood, Managing Director S8 Expert Recruitment Solutions. I have over 14 years recruitment experience specialising in the animal health industry across the ANZ region. Areas of expertise include sales and marketing, technical roles (Quality Assurance, Quality Control & Regulatory Affairs) and operational & financial positions. I work extensively in the veterinary, ruminant, monogastric, aquaculture and the pet specialty industries and I look forward to the next 14 years.


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